Thomas Tiveron

Engineer | Researcher | Learner

I love applying technology to traditional fields, providing eloquent solutions to complex problems!

I NEVER waste an opportunity to learn, and have been leveraging my engineering mindset to quickly develop new skills every chance that I get + whatever I can squeeze in on a Sunday :p

From server room design, HVAC and electrical planning, to server administration, and software development, both life-cycle management and programming, I am always up for a challenge.

I hope you find here a solution to a problem of yours! If you think I can help you out, feel free to contact me below. Thanks for reading!

Spring Update

Time is Traveling Faster Now

Where’s my time going? Hello readers (mom <3), I apologize for my loooong delay between post. I can hardly believe it is already spring time. Whew, time is traveling faster now. What have you been up to so far this year? I hope something awesome! I have been building a desktop application for an engineering firm for stormwater management. On this project, I am on my own, so designer, manager, and developer! [Read More]

Should I Learn Julia?

Yes, On One Condition!

Why Julia, Why Now? Programming is a diverse field! You have people from all around the world, tackling every sort of problem imaginable with their computers. From web-developers, to mobile app creators, from legacy code maintainers, to scientific computing mathematicians, many people need different features and different languages. Julia is a relatively young language, released in 2012, and was designed to meet the high-performance needs of numerical and scientific programming; while being a general-purpose programming language. [Read More]

C# - Intermediate

Knowing Enough C# to be Dangerous

Awkwardly wondering what to do after you get through your first C# tutorials? Learned the C# syntax, but now what? Intermediate C# Developer This post builds off my last to help direct you on your path to becoming a professional C# developer. This material will be right for you if you have been working with C# for about 3-6 months. There is some wiggle room in those numbers, as there always is, but if you are entirely unfamiliar with C#, please go here : Learning C#. [Read More]

C# - Advanced Foundations

No Longer a Beginner, Not Yet a Pro

Ready to take you C# skills to the next level?? When I got started learning C# I looked to PluralSight . This has proven to be a great choice! There are literally weeks worth of great C# and .Net content. While I did not get started advancing my C# knowledge THAT long ago, it was before PluralSight started offering “Paths”. At that time, way back when, they had just a few old blog posts to guide me on where to get started, and which order to watch some videos in. [Read More]

Should I Learn R or Python?

For Data Science and Beyond!

R or Python for Data Science So you want to be a data scientist, but are stuck on the first polarizing decision of learning R or Python… I’m going to try to help you! I’m also going to attempt to not make this post follow the typical “R is maybe the best, or Python, or neither”, as I find these kind of articles informative, but not that helpful. If you are wanting a break down of R and Python’s strengths, ease of learning, salaries, etc. [Read More]

Learning C#

or CS or CSharp - but mostly C#

Should I Learn C#? Why should you choose to learn C# out of all the other languages? Perhaps you are trying to decided between it and Java, or Python, or C, or JavaScript, or [insert other great language choice]. Well quite simply you should choose C# to learn now, because C# is the best! … Is what I wish I could say, but truly there are many different programming languages and most have varying pros and cons for many applications. [Read More]

Thomas's First Tech Blog Post

About Blogs

So I’ve started my blog! … … … Now for the content, hold onto your seats people. As a big podcast fan (check out my PlayerFM channel), I often heard the benefits of sharing your knowledge from many people, such as Scott Hanselman, and Jon Sonmez. They preach that sharing your journey will not only help you retain what you are learning, create an excellent portfolio, but you may also help/inspire someone else to tackle new challenges. [Read More]